Individually we can make small changes, together we can make a huge difference

Sessions start March 2

  • Learn about significant changes impacting your community, the country, the globe
  • Contextual changes, technology disruptions, new business models, global challenges
  • Collaborate on opportunities in these changes to build resilient futures for your community
  • By combining your capabilities, your time, and your assets the possibilities are limitless
  • Provide your input into the future strength of your community
  • Be a part of realizing these new futures through collective impact

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Your SciFi Hive Journey

Below is the journey we will take you on to reimagine the future and create a comic book story along the way. We start off seeding you with the latest advancements in technology from around the world, along with the tools that we use to during the workshops. Once you have that under your belt, we will walk you through the rest of the process together in teams.


See how the world is changing rapidly as you shift mindsets to future thinking

March 2, 2021

Excite your group’s hive-mind through research and knowledge cross pollination

March 11, 2021

Imagine your world 20+ years out without limits

March 15-18, 2021

Develop the compelling story of the hero’s journey

March 15-18, 2021

Pulling it all together in a comic book story format

March 15-18, 2021

Watch the future unfold with the unveiling of your professionally designed comic book

Time TBD

Sample Comic Book Pages