Create your sci-fi future without limits

A unique experience where your members use their imaginations to transport themselves 20 years into the future

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The 90-Minute Swarm Workshop Process

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It all starts with picking a date for your 90-minute swarm workshop.  We guarantee that it will be one of the most engaging experience you and your association or organization will be part of.
Pick a convenient workshop date for a 90-minute session
Choose a theme for the future your group wants to create

Engage Membership

Times have changed on how we engage with our associations, organizations or memberships.  This workshop is a unique way for you to interact online with your membership and come up with something very valuable for all your members. 

Communicate internally with your members about the workshop

Members signup and/or register here on a workshop page made just for you


Bee warned, the experience you are about to embark on may change the way you think about the future forever. This 90-minute jam-packed session will help you create a storybook sci-fi future that everyone of your members had their hand in.  With the technology upon us, the sci-fi futures people are dreaming up are actually achievable very soon.

Tools you use: Zoom, Google Slides
Methodologies and Processes: Futurescaping, Backcasting, Storylining

Storyline Future

After 90-minutes of futurescaping, backcasting and storylining, each team will have created their own unique future which can be told in the form of a hero’s journey. In our Premium workshops, we take this process to a whole new level, working with a professional graphics artist to create a comic book version of their story.  See Premium

A future sci-fi storyline 20 years from now that your membership created together all within 90 minutes
A unique online experience for your membership