Future of Healthcare Unveil Event

8:00am MST, May 29, 2021

Email info@scifihive.com to attend the event or watch it on YouTube Live (click here).

Hosted by


Dr. Michael Friebe

HealthTEC | Inventor | Disruptor | Entrepreneur & Professor

Dr. Julia Hitzbleck

Co-Founder at AcceleRed | Digital & Open Innovation | Exponential Organizations

Ken Merkel

EXO Execute CEO | SciFi Hive Creator | EXO Ambassador | Entrepreneur

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Explore disruptive technologies, new business models, context change, global challenges

Excite the hive through research findings and cross pollination

Imagine your world 20+ years out without limits

Develop the compelling story of the hero’s journey

Pulling it all together in a comic book story format
Watch the future unfold with the unveiling of your professionally designed comic book
Tim Merryweather
Tim Merryweather
Cape Town, South Africa
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I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy the challenge to conventional thinking and the creativity that results! I had a lot of fun in the time but it would have been cool to be a bit longer! I can see something like that working really well to spark innovation in a business! Or at least get people having the right conversations.
Joumana Rahime
Joumana Rahime
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
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One of the best sessions that I attended during the ExO summit! Very inspirational and great tool to help us envision the future!
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien
Johannesburg, South Africa
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It was brilliant, really changed the way I look at problems and how I tackle them. The chance to tell a story with a group of people also makes it more personal. In short it was epic!
Niki Faldemolaei
Niki Faldemolaei
San Diego, California, USA
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This was a highlight session in the 3-day, mind-blowing event. Talk about engagement! I actually made decisions about my moonshot by going through this exercise and made friends in relatd fields. Thank Ken Merkel for facilitating greatness!
Paul Diepenbroek
Paul Diepenbroek
Cape Town, South Africa
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I had an awesome experience of the SciFi Hive session. Appreciating that we needed more time for completion, the time we spent storming ideas and creating a vision of the future was wonderful. Thank you for your facilitation.